The massive and universal appeal of historical fiction in Britain and throughout the world means that a company that associates itself with the country’s historical writers and readers, through our magazine Historia, is tapping into a huge market.

We aim to listen carefully to the needs of our sponsors, to make sure that what they wish to gain from their sponsorship is matched by what we can offer them.

The HWA holds events showcasing the work of our members, all of whom are professional authors, and many international bestsellers.  There is thus enormous scope for a new sponsor to draw on our membership for talks, speaker engagements, and other event. Over the years we have established several long-running and fruitful relationships with sponsors, and we continue to work to make sure that our sponsors feel valued and cherished, and to develop the unique relationship we have with each one.


We believe that 2018 will be a very good time for the development of our partnerships. Our growing membership numbers, and also the potential reach through our readers’ organisation, Historia, mean that we can offer our sponsors real rewards.

We are flexible about the costs of being a HWA sponsor, depending on the position of the sponsor. In return, the sponsor’s name can be included in the name of the award and they will be acknowledged in all branding and coverage of the awards and events which includes library, retail and online promotions (the exact content of which varies between awards).

We are increasingly working to tailor what we can offer our sponsorship partners more specifically.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are currently seeking sponsors for the HWA Non Fiction Crown and the HWA Debut  Crown.

HWA Non Fiction Crown               £2,000
HWA Golden Crown                       £2,000

Or we are also looking for sponsors for our events

Wine reception at HWA Members’ events           £350 per event
Wine reception at Historia event                          £350 per event
Wine reception at HWA Crown Awards                £500 (shortlisting event)
£1000 (award-giving event)

Contact for more information