General information

The 2018 Crowns are for books published from the 1 April 2017– 31st March 2018


Nominations open: 1st October 2017
Nominations close: 28th April 2018

Entering the HWA Crowns

Nominations must be entered via the website form for each Crown. Once the nomination has been received its eligibility will be considered by our panel. We will contact you to let you know when a decision has been made and will send out an invoice for the submission fee. This must be paid before the judges details can be sent out.

Submission Fee

There is a submission fee of £35 per title per entry.


The winner of each Crown will receive £1000 in prize money. Every longlisted author will receive one years membership of the HWA.

Publication Dates

The 2017 Crowns is for books published between 1 April 2017– 31st March 2018


‘Historical’ is defined as a novel where the overwhelming bulk of the narrative and the text are set in a period 35 years or more before the date of publication.

Any UK print publisher may enter books provided that the book is relevant to the appropriate award, as defined under Eligibility, and the first UK print edition was published within the specified dates of the Judging Period .

It is up to the publisher to ensure that novels submitted for this award do qualify. Financial penalties to cover time, expenses and reputational damage may be imposed on a publisher whose novel reaches the shortlist when it is ineligible.

A publisher may submit one title per author.

We must point out that is unlikely that judges will give serious consideration to books that have not been professionally published by recognised publishing houses. ‘’Vanity’’ publications and those whose publication has been partly or wholly subsidised by the author, and ‘’Branded’’ books, in which another person writes for the original author, are unlikely to be considered.

All books must have been published in a physical format. Titles that have only been published electronically are not eligible.

HWA Debut Crown

This award is for the best historical novel by a first-time fiction author first published in the UK in English during the Judging Period.

HWA Endeavour Ink Gold Crown

This award is for the best historical novel author first published in the UK in English during the Judging Period.

HWA Non-Fiction Crown
This award is for the best non-fiction work first published in the UK in English during the Judging Period.

Nomination Fee

There is a nomination fee of £35.

This must be paid before you will be sent the judges’ details.

It is the publisher’s responsibility to ensure that all payments are received by the administrator.

Submission Dates

The final deadline for submitting is the 28th April 2018. All forms must be completed, and processing fees paid, by this date. Publishers then have a further four weeks to deliver the books to the judges.

Delivery of Books

One physical copy will be sent to each judge and one epub/PDF file will be sent to the prize administrator for distribution.

Judges details (i.e their mailing address) will be given only once the submission fee has been paid.

In case of hard copies, please use Royal Mail to deliver books where possible, as it can be hard for judges to rearrange deliveries of missed packages with other couriers.


It is an absolute condition of entry that publishers:

Will put the HWA logo and ‘’Winner/Shortlisted for the HWA [insert name] Crown’’ as appropriate on the cover of subsequent editions of winning/shortlisted books.

Will make every effort to ensure that any shortlisted author attends the Awards Ceremony (date and location tbc), and will be available for media interviews immediately afterwards and/or on the following morning.

Will, on request, provide a cover image and author photograph with the necessary clearances for use on the HWA web sites.

Submission of any entry will be taken as complete acceptance of these conditions.

Winners and Prizes

The winners will be announced in November.

The dates and locations of these ceremonies will be announced once they have been finalised.

Queries should be addressed to: